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Give a Book Programme

Here at HUXBOX we believe that reading should be a part of every child in New Zealand’s early education. Nothing can replace quiet moments reading a book with parents, friends or grandparents with children from a young age. Not everyone in NZ has the financial means to build their own libraries, so HUXBOX has partnered with Kiwi children’s charity Variety, and for every 3+ month subscription we sell, we will donate 1 book to a family in need. That way we are contributing to building the young libraries of all New Zealanders.


What our customers are saying

Customers around NZ are raving about their HUXBOX experience:

'This really does make my life so much easier. Every month we literally have a couple of new books for the kids to focus on and I don't have to remember to take them back to the library.' Julia, Mum of 3


'I can't believe how easy the whole gift buying experience was - I am always trying to think of what to get my grand children when they are first born and this is the perfect gift that I know will feel extra special for my kids.'  Jenny, Grandmother of 6