About Us

About Us

Proudly New Zealand Owned and Operated

HUXBOX was founded by a Kiwi mum who is passionate about reading herself and reading great stories to her kids. After reading the same story to her 3 year old 15 nights in a row (!!) the idea of HUXBOX was born – affordable book boxes full of kid’s books, that would arrive month after month, without you even having to think about it. 

‘The experience of opening a HUXBOX each month with your children and discovering what that month’s book is and reading it together as a family - is the experience I want HUXBOX to bring to all Kiwi families’. 

At HUXBOX we believe that reading picture books and story books with young children builds the foundation for a love of reading and learning for the rest of their lives. We are trying to encourage families to rely less on devices and screens and engage with their children through the power of traditional picture story books.

Here at HUXBOX we also believe that reading should be a part of every child in New Zealand’s early education. Nothing can replace quiet moments reading a book with parents, friends or grandparents with children from a young age. Not everyone in NZ has the financial means to build their own libraries, so HUXBOX  has partnered with kiwi kid’s charity, Variety,  and for every 6+ subscription we sell, we will donate 1 book to a family in need. That way we are contributing to building the young libraries of all New Zealanders.

HUXBOX is a 100% kiwi owned and operated company.